Management Communication: Key Takeaways

My first business school course was Management Communication for Leaders. I was interested in the class for three reasons: 1) I can’t over emphasize the importance of good communication skills in the workplace, so any chance to improve is welcomed, 2) good public speaking skills are invaluable, but hard to acquire, and 3) feedback via a 360 review from subordinates, colleagues and bosses enhances self-awareness. This class did exactly that. Here are the key takeaways in the three categories cited above. (more…)

Introduction: An Ideas Book

As my MBA program at USC’s Marshall School of Business got underway, I quickly found myself writing interesting anecdotes related to my lectures in the margin of my notebooks.  I was extrapolating my professor’s teachings to my own life experiences in technology M&A, entrepreneurship, and investing.   Each idea helped me connect my academics to the “real world”.   My haphazard approach to writing my thoughts in the column of my notes initially worked well; however, after one month in my MBA program, I found a problem: my eight notebooks were littered with ideas in the margins.  I could no longer efficiently collate my ideas.

Just as my notebooks began to look like a disorganized mix of  notes and  musings, I had an “aha moment”.  While sitting in Professor Yaniv Konchitchki’s (great teacher) accounting class, a second-year MBA student gave (more…)