Volunteering With Junior Achievement

Last Friday, 170 classmates and I volunteered with Junior Achievement (JA).  Our task was to teach kindergarten through fifth-graders at a downtown Los Angeles elementary school about topics such as entrepreneurship, the community and the nation. This was my first time volunteering with such a young demographic, so I was a bit apprehensive about the prospect of teaching a 3-hour lesson to a classroom of second-graders.  However, my apprehension was unfounded, because it quickly dissipated when I was confronted by the enthusiasm of the students; their interest, engagement and excitement in the learning process was impressive.  We did a handful of activities together that involved identifying jobs in the community (e.g. fireman, police woman, business person, etc.), and before I knew it, my time teaching the class was over.  After a round of departing hugs and handshakes it was time to head back to USC.