Machine Learning and Neural Networks

If you ever wanted a good example of what machine learning is and how neural networks work, just check out this video.

Now imagine this same technique applied to a massive data set, processed with computing power by, for example, Google’s off-the-shelf Machine Learning Platform.  Leveraging these tools with unique data sets and specialized know-how will be the vector of differentiation for software companies over the medium term.

Software Industry Analysis, August 2011: My USC Student Investment Fund Summer Project

As a part of my involvement in the USC Student Investment Fund, I had to write an analysis of the software industry.  This report was due during my second week of school, so I had to quickly crank this out after my internship.  Given my time constraint and the high-level scope of this report, it likely isn’t too insightful to anyone who is already familiar with the software industry.  However, if you are unacquainted with the inner workings of software, this report provides a good starting point.  I realize the Industry Overview and Industry Size sections are a little dry, but hopefully you find the rest interesting.  Enjoy. (more…)