Marketing: The State of the Social Gaming Industry, October 2010

I just wrapped up a 20-page paper for my marketing class.  The project, called an “Integrated Strategic Marketing Plan”, required me analyze six aspects of a company of my choice, including an: Industry Analysis, Company Overview, Competitive Landscape Mapping , Customer Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, and a SWOT Analysis.  I chose to do my project for a friend who recently started a social gaming company which builds games for Facebook.  I selected his company rather than a publicly-traded firm (which would have made this project a lot easier!) because I wanted to not just get a grade in my class, but also help my friend analyze his business.  For obvious privacy reasons I can’t disclose the entire project on my blog; however, I am able to share my industry analysis.  Be prepared to learn about one of the fastest moving tech industry segments that I have researched during my five years of covering the technology industry. (more…)