My LinkedIn Network, Visualized

I had some fun playing around with LinkedIn Labs’ new network visualization tool.  Here is a picture of my network.

The red USC cloud (fitting) and the green Duff & Phelps cloud aren’t surprising, however, I find the blue San Francisco cloud interesting.  Nearly everyone that I met during undergrad sits in the San Francisco cloud along with my broader San Francisco network accumulated since high school.  I’m guessing this means one of two things.  Either, I am well connected in San Francisco so LinkedIn grouped all UCSB contacts into this cloud, or  I never really branched out during college.  I’m hoping it’s the former!  Now go have some fun with LinkedIn’s new toy.

Giants Win the World Series!

Giants fans, for the first time in 56 years and the first time in my life, we can proudly say, “The Giants Win the World Series!” Being in Los Angeles rather than San Francisco for this event has been a little bittersweet, but thanks to the Internet and a good friend I have been able to share in the celebration.  Below is a great video of the revelry from and a photo of the intersection of Polk & Vallejo sent to me by a friend.  My heart is with you San Francisco.


Humor: 2010 Giants Anthem

I’m in the heart of studying for finals and drafting a term paper, but I have to share a little Giants fan joy with the masses.  After beating the Atlanta Braves yesterday and winning the series 3-1, the Giants are heading to the 2010 National League Championship Series against the Phillies.  Here is a newly minted video to celebrate not just the team, but also the fans.  Go Giants!!