About Me

Hi. I am Kevin Finn. I am a Co-Founder and General Partner with Amador Capital, a Venture Growth Equity firm.

I started this blog in 2010 during business school. From 2012 to 2015, while I was a Technology investment banker at Credit Suisse, this blog was on hiatus. Nowadays, I am back to writing, but due to starting a family and a company simultaneously, I write shorter posts. My posts generally come from a simple passion for investing, technology, markets, entrepreneurship and self improvement. 

Things that shape me that many do not know are that my wife, daughter, dog and I live in San Francisco; I am a childhood cancer survivor plus a second and related near death experience survivor; and my family has lived in and around San Francisco since the Gold Rush. In other words, I’m a dad raising a family in the city that I love, I’m a fighter when faced with challenge, and I measure success in generations.

The following links provide the standard information about me: LinkedIn, Twitter and About.me.