Giving More Than You Get

The high school that I attended has a simple mission: Develop “men and women for and with others”.

Last week I had dinner with the CEO of one of Wall Street’s largest investment banks. Unlike other CEOs operating banks of similar scale and scope, he built his bank from the ground-up. He is an impressive entrepreneur who built an organization with a $10 billion+ market cap.

These statements from our conversation stuck with me: In business, he always gives more than he gets; He is a big believer in business karma; karma takes longer to materialize than you would like, so be patient.

I would sum this up as: Lend your help to others who deserve it and be persistent with your career goals.

We each have something unique to offer others. This can be knowledge, time, or simply money (to name a few). I highly recommend finding something unique to offer with a “for others” mindset. I say this because, like giving Christmas gifts, it’s often more rewarding to give than get, and every so often, you unexpectedly get something fantastic in return.