I’m Back!

After 3+ years of hibernation due to the silence required by my technology investment banking role at Credit Suisse, I’m excited to be back to writing!

When I left off in 2012, my posts were getting increasingly long and complex, and as a result, more time consuming. I enjoyed long-form writing when I had a lot of free time. However, nowadays, I have less time for writing due to increased demands from work and a growing family. As a result, now that I’m back to writing, it may be more sporadic and it will certainly be more brief and less heavily edited.

I am excited to get back to writing because I have found it to be a very helpful tool in four ways:

  1. Writing helps me think through things. Those who know me know I am not shy. I enjoy speaking to others because that is how I think. However, I realize that not everyone wants to hear my thoughts all of the time, so writing helps me think through things while not talking others’ ears off (too much!).
  2. Using a content management system like WordPress, which has Categories and Tags, helps me organize my thoughts and create a reference tool. I regularly discover great pearls of wisdom from others online. By utilizing WordPress, I have found it to be a great way to keep track of lessons learned so I can revisit them in the future, kind of like a digital personal library.
  3. Writing and learning from others helps me continually improve. Whether it is personal or professional, I am always seeking ways to be better. The thinking required by writing gives me time to reflect and seek out new ideas and learnings.
  4. Publicly sharing information is a fun way to give back and connect with new people. I am a religious Googler of information. In certain cases, I have found that information on the web is misleading or nonexistent. As a result, I enjoy trying to improve the discussion around certain topics and in doing so meet people who are similarly interested in such things.

It is great to be back to writing. It feels like my initial posts are going to be heavily skewed towards higher level thoughts around the business of investment management and self improvement. Onward!