Summer Hiatus Due to Internship

It’s time to switch gears from school to work.   I will be spending this summer interning as a Summer Associate in the investment banking division of Credit Suisse, focusing on mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and private placements.  As a result of the increased workload, and more importantly because of the private nature of the work that I will be doing, I am taking a summer break from blogging.  I am looking forward to posting again in the fall when it’s appropriate.  In the meantime, if there are any topics you would like me to post about in the future, please drop me a line.  Have a great summer everybody.

My Homemade Technology Column

I follow the technology markets, a lot.  Call it passion, obsession, or just plain weird, but I find it interesting to read about the constantly changing technology landscape.  For anyone else interested in tech here’s a snapshot of my favorite websites/blogs.   Some are more news focused and others more analytical.  You might already be reading some of these sites, but hopefully you gain at least one new information source from the list below.

Note that a number of VCs don’t update their blogs often, so I would recommend using an RSS reader to stay up on those blogs (because you don’t want to have to constantly check a site that doesn’t get updated). (more…)